Bulletin of the Technical Committee on


September 2015 Vol. 38 No. 3   IEEE Computer Society


Letter from the Editor-in-Chief   David Lomet 1
Letter from the Special Issue Editor   Chris Jermaine 2

Special Issue on Approximate Query Processing and Applications

A Handbook for Building an Approximate Query Engine   Barzan Mozafari, Ning Niu 3
Scalable Analytics Model Calibration with Online Aggregation   Florin Rusu, Chengjie Qin, Martin Torres 30
On the Complexity of Evaluating Order Queries with the Crowd   Benoit Groz, Tova Milo, Sudeepa Roy 44
SampleClean: Fast and Reliable Analytics on Dirty Data    
    Sanjay Krishnan, Jiannan Wang, Michael J. Franklin, Ken Goldberg, Tim Kraska, Tova Milo, Eugene Wu 59
Independent Range Sampling on a RAM   Xiaocheng Hu, Miao Qiao, Yufei Tao 76
Hidden Database Research and Analytics (HYDRA) System    
    Yachao Lu, Saravanan Thirumuruganathan, Nan Zhang, Gautam Das 84
Approximate Geometric Query Tracking over Distributed Streams   Minos Garofalakis 103

Announcements and Notices

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