Bulletin of the Technical Committee on


September 2020 Vol. 43 No. 3   IEEE Computer Society


Letter from the Editor-in-Chief   Haixun Wang 1
Letter from the Special Issue Editor   Lei Chen 2


A Systematic View of Data Science   M. Tamer Ozsu 3

Special Issue on Human Powered AI Systems

Computational Division of Labor with Human and AI Workers    
    Atsuyuki Morishima, Masaki Matsubara, Kei Wakabayashi, Nobutaka Suzuki, Hiroyoshi Ito 12
Federated Learning in the Lens of Crowdsourcing   Yongxin Tong,Yansheng Wang,Dingyuan Shi 26
Human-in-the-loop Techniques in Machine Learning   Chengliang Chai, Guoliang Li 37
An ML-Powered Human Behavior Management System    
    Sihem Amer-Yahia, Reynold Cheng, Mohamed Bouadi, Abdelouahab Chibah,  
    Mohammadreza Esfandiari, Jiangping Zhou, Nan Zhang, Eric Lau,Yuguo Li, Xiaolin Han, Shivansh Mittal 53
Human-in-the-loop Artificial Intelligence for Fighting Online Misinformation: Challenges and Opportunities    
    Gianluca Demartini, Stefano Mizzaro, Damiano Spina 65

Conference and Journal Notices

TCDE Membership Form   75