Bulletin of the Technical Committee on


September 2010 Vol. 33 No. 3   IEEE Computer Society


Letter from the Editor-in-Chief   David Lomet 1
Letter for TCDE Chair Election   Paul Larson, Erich Neuhold, Calton Pu 2
Information about the TCDE Chair Election   Carrie Walsh 2
Candidate Information: David Lomet   David Lomet 3
Report: 5th Int'l Workshop on Self-Managing Database Systems (SMDB 2010)   Shivnath Babu, Kai-Uwe Sattler 4
Letter from the Special Issue Editor   Wang-Chiew Tan 8

Special Issue on Data Provenance: Applications and New Directions

Provenance in ORCHESTRA   Todd J. Green, Grigoris Karvournarakis, Zachary Ives, Val Tannen 9
Refining Information Extraction Rules using Data Provenance    
    Bin Liu, Laura Chiticariu, Vivian Chu, H.V. Jagadish, Fred Reiss 17
Socialising Data with Google Fusion Tables   Hector Gonzalez, Alon Halevy,  
    Anno Langen, Jayant Madhavan, Rod McChesney, Rebecca Shapley, Warren Shen, Jonathan Goldberg-Kidon 25
A Rule-Based Citation System for Structured and Evolving Datasets   Peter Buneman, Gianmaria Silvello 33
Panda: A System for Provenance and Data   Robert Ikeda, Jennifer Widom 42
Provenance for Scientific Workflows Towards Reproducible Research    
    Roger Barga, Yogesh Simmhan, Eran Chinthaka, Satya Sahoo, Jared Jackson, Nelson Araujo 50
Causality in Databases   Alexan  
    dra Meliou, Wolfgang Gatterbauer, Joseph Y. Halpern, Christoph Koch, Katherine F. Moore, Dan Suciu 59

Announcements and Notices

SIGMOD 2011 Call for Papers   68
PODS 2011 Call for Papers   69
ICDE 2011 Conference   backcover