Bulletin of the Technical Committee on


June 2022 Vol. 45 No. 2   IEEE Computer Society


Letter from the Editor-in-Chief   Haixun Wang 1
Letter from the Special Issue Editor   Tien Tuan Anh Dinh 2

Special Issue on Transparent Database Systems

Employing Blockchain Properties for Transparent Databases   Henry F. Korth 4
BlockShare: A Blockchain Empowered System for Privacy-Preserving Verifiable Data Sharing    
    Zhe Peng, Jianliang Xu, Haibo Hu, Lei Chen 14
Power-of-Collaboration: A Sustainable Resilient Ledger Built Democratically    
    Junchao Chen, Suyash Gupta, Sajjad Rahnama, Mohammad Sadoghi 25
Transparent Sharding   Deepal Tennakoon, Vincent Gramoli 37
The Anatomy of Blockchain Database Systems   Dumitrel Loghin 48
LEDGERBENCH : A Framework for Benchmarking Ledger Databases    
    Meihui Zhang, Cong Yue, Changhao Zhu, Ziyue Zhong 59


Open Calls for Nominations Erich Neuhold, Amr El Abbadi, Farshad Firouzi 70

Conference and Journal Notices

TCDE Membership Form   71