Bulletin of the Technical Committee on


March 2017 Vol. 40 No. 1   IEEE Computer Society


Letter from the Editor-in-Chief   David Lomet 1
Letter from the Special Issue Editor   Tim Kraska 2

Special Issue on Distributed Data Management with RDMA

RDMA Reads: To Use or Not to Use?   Aleksandar Dragojević, Dushyanth Narayanan, Miguel Castro 3
Designing Databases for Future High-Performance Networks   Claude Barthels, Gustavo Alonso, Torsten Hoefler 15
Rethinking Distributed Query Execution on High-Speed Networks    
    Abdallah Salama, Carsten Binnig, Tim Kraska, Ansgar Scherp, Tobias Ziegler 27
Crail: A High-Performance I/O Architecture for Distributed Data Processing   Patrick  
    Stuedi, Animesh Trivedi, Jonas Pfefferle, Radu Stoica, Bernard Metzler, Nikolas Ioannou, Ioannis Koltsidas 38
Scalable and Distributed Key-Value Store-based Data Management Using RDMA-Memcached    
    Xiaoyi Lu, Dipti Shankar, Dhabaleswar K. (DK) Panda 50
Beyond Simple Request Processing with RAMCloud    
    Chinmay Kulkarni, Aniraj Kesavan, Robert Ricci, Ryan Stutsman 62

Announcements and Notices

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