Bulletin of the Technical Committee on


September 2014 Vol. 37 No. 3   IEEE Computer Society


Letter from the Editor-in-Chief   David Lomet 1
Message from the TCDE Chair Nominating Committee   Amr El-Abaddi, Paul Larson, and David Lomet 2
Election for Chair of IEEE Computer Society TC on Data Engineering   Brookes Little 2
TCDE Chair Candidate Erich Neuhold   Erich Neuhold 3
TCDE Chair Candidate Xiaofang Zhou   Xiaofang Zhou 4
Letter from the Special Issue Editor   Christopher Jermaine 5

Special Issue on Databases, Declarative Systems and Machine Learning

Lifted Probabilistic Inference: A Guide for the Database Researcher    
    Eric Gribkoff, Dan Suciu, and Guy Van den Broeck 6
Probabilistic Data Programming with ENFrame   Dan Olteanu and Sebastiaan J. van Schaik 18
Feature Engineering for Knowledge Base Construction    
    Christopher Ré, Amir Abbas Sadeghian, Zifei Shan, Jaeho Shin, Feiran Wang, Sen Wu, Ce Zhang 26
Efficient In-Database Analytics with Graphical Models   Daisy Zhe Wang, Yang Chen, Christan Grant, and Kun Li 41
SystemML's Optimizer: Plan Generation for Large-Scale Machine Learning Programs    
    Matthias Boehm, Douglas R. Burdick, Alexandre V.  
    Evfimievski, Berthold Reinwald, Frederick R. Reiss, Prithviraj Sen, Shirish Tatikonda, and Yuanyuan Tian 52
Tupleware: Distributed Machine Learning on Small Clusters   Andrew Crotty, Alex Galakatos, and Tim Kraska 63
Cumulon: Cloud-Based Statistical Analysis from Users Perspective    
    Botong Huang, Nicholas W.D. Jarrett, Shivnath Babu, Sayan Mukherjee, and Jun Yang 77

Announcements and Notices

ICDE 2015 Conference   90
TCDE Membership Form   backcover