Bulletin of the Technical Committee on


June 2016 Vol. 39 No. 2   IEEE Computer Society


Letter from the Editor-in-Chief   David Lomet 1
Letter from the 2016 IEEE TCDE Service Award Winner   Gio Wiederhold 3
Letter from the 2016 IEEE TCDE Early Career Award Winner   Arnab Nandi 5
Letter from the Special Issue Editors   Shazia Sadiq, Divesh Srivastava 6

Special Issue on Data Quality

Data Anamnesis: Admitting Raw Data into an Organization    
    Sebastian Kruse, Thorsten Papenbrock, Hazar Harmouch, Felix Naumann 8
Discovering Meaningful Certain Keys from Incomplete and Inconsistent Relations    
    Henning Köhler, Sebastian Link, Xiaofang Zhou 21
Effective Data Cleaning with Continuous Evaluation   Ihab F. Ilyas 38
Benchmarking Data Curation Systems    
    Patricia C. Arocena, Boris Glavic, Giansalvatore Mecca, Renée J. Miller, Paolo Papotti, Donatello Santoro 47
Exploring What not to Clean in Urban Data: A Study Using New York City Taxi Trips    
    Juliana Freire, Aline Bessa, Fernando Chirigati, Huy Vo, Kai Zhao 63
Data Quality for Temporal Streams   Tamraparni Dasu, Rong Duan, Divesh Srivastava 78
Quality-Aware Entity-Level Semantic Representations for Short Texts   Wen Hua, Kai Zheng, Xiaofang Zhou 93
Knowledge-Based Trust: Estimating the Trustworthiness of Web Sources   Xin Luna Dong,  
    Evgeniy Gabrilovich, Kevin Murphy, Van Dang, Wilko Horn, Camillo Lugaresi, Shaohua Sun, Wei Zhang 106

Announcements and Notices

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