Bulletin of the Technical Committee on


December 2010 Vol. 33 No. 4   IEEE Computer Society


Letter from the Editor-in-Chief   David Lomet 1
Letter Announcing TC Chair Election Results   Carrie Walsh 2
Letter from the Outgoing TCDE Chair   Paul Larson 2
Letter from the Special Issue Editor   Peter Boncz 3

Special Issue on Data Management using Modern Storage Hardware

Trends in Storage Technologies   E. Eleftheriou, R. Haas, J. Jelitto, M. Lantz, H. Pozidis 4
Implementing an Append-Only Interface for Semiconductor Storage   C. W. Reid, P. A. Bernstein 14
Designing Database Operators for Flash-enabled Memory Hierarchies    
    G. Graefe, S. Harizopoulos, H. Kuno, M. A. Shah, D. Tsirogiannis, J. L. Wiener 21
Flash in a DBMS: Where and How?   M. Athanassoulis, A. Ailamaki, S. Chen, P. B. Gibbons, R. Stoica 28
Storage Class Memory Aware Data Management    
    B. Bhattacharjee, M. Canim, C. A. Lang, G. A. Mihaila, K. A. Ross 35
Accelerating In-Page Logging with Non-Volatile Memory   S.-W. Lee, B. Moon, C. Park, J.-Y. Hwang, K. Kim 41
uFLIP: Understanding the Energy Consumption of Flash Devices    
    M. Bj°rling, P. Bonnet, L. Bouganim, B. Jˇnsson 48

Announcements and Notices

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