Bulletin of the Technical Committee on


September 2005 Vol. 28 No. 3   IEEE Computer Society


Letter from the Editor-in-Chief   David Lomet 1
Letter from the Special Issue Editor   Jignesh M. Patel 2

Special Issue on Database Issues for Location Data Management

PLACE: A Scalable Location-aware Database Server for Spatio-temporal Data Streams    
    Mohamed F. Mokbel and Walid G. Aref 3
MOBI-DIC: MOBIle DIscovery of loCal Resources in Peer-to-Peer Wireless Network    
    Hu Cao, Ouri Wolfson, Bo Xu and Huabei Yin 11
Energy-Efficient Monitoring of Spatial Predicates over Moving Objects   Haibo Hu and Dik Lun Lee 19
Spatial Expressions and Rules for Location-based Services in Oracle    
    Aravind Yalamanchi, Ravi Kothuri, and Siva Ravada 27
Data Store Issues for Location-Based Services   John Krumm and Steve Shafer 35

Announcements and Notices

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