Bulletin of the Technical Committee on


March 2002 Vol. 25 No. 1   IEEE Computer Society


Letter from the Editor-in-Chief   David Lomet 1
Letter from the new TC Chair   Erich J. Neuhold 2
Letter from the Special Issue Editor   Gerhard Weikum 3

Special Issue on Organizing and Discovering the Semantic Web

DAML+OIL: a Description Logic for the Semantic Web   Ian Horrocks 4
SEAL- Tying Up Information Integration and Web Site Management by Ontologies    
    Alexander Maedche, Steffen Staab, Rudi Studer, York Sure, Raphael Volz 10
Architecture and Implementation of an XQuery-based Information Integration Platform    
    Yannis Papakonstantinou, Vasilis Vassalos 18
Computing Web Page Importance without Storing the Graph of the Web    
    Serge Abiteboul, Mihai Preda, Gregory Cobena 27
Analyzing Fine-grained Hypertext Features for Enhanced Crawling and Topic Distillation    
    Soumen Chakrabarti, Ravindra Jaju, Mukul Joshi, Kunal Punera 34
Query- vs. Crawling-based Classification of Searchable Web Databases    
    Luis Gravano, Panagiotis Ipeirotis, Mehran Sahami 43
Classification and Intelligent Search on Information in XML   Norbert Fuhr, Gerhard Weikum 51

Announcements and Notices

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