Bulletin of the Technical Committee on


December 2002 Vol. 25 No. 4   IEEE Computer Society


Letter from the Editor-in-Chief   David Lomet 1
Letter from the Special Issue Editors   Fabio Casati, Umeshwar Dayal 2

Special Issue on Web Services

Myths around Web Services   Gustavo Alonso 3
Exploiting Web Service Semantics: Taxonomies vs. Ontologies    
    Asuman Dogac, Gokce Laleci, Yildiray Kabak, Ibrahim Cingil 10
Integration, Web Services Style   Michael Carey, Michael Blevins, Pal Takacsi-Nagy 17
Conductor: An Enabler for Web Services-based Business Collaboration    
    David Burdett, Qiming Chen, and Meichun Hsu 22
Phoenix Application Recovery Project   Roger S. Barga 27
Business Operation Intelligence Research at HP Labs    
    Fabio Casati, Malu Castellanos, Umeshwar Dayal, Ming Hao, Mehmet Sayal and Ming-Chien Shan 32
Cooperative Information Systems in Virtual Districts: the VISPO Approach   Enzo Colombo, Chiara Fran-  
    calanci, Barbara Pernici, Pierluigi Plebani, Massimo Mecella, Valeria De Antonellis, and Michele Melchiori 36
Planning for Requests against Web Services   Mike Papazoglou, Marco Aiello, Marco Pistore, and Jian Yang 41
Definition and Execution of Composite Web Services: The SELF-SERV Project    
    Boualem Benatallah, Marlon Dumas, and Zakaria Maamar 47
Model-driven Specification of Web Services Composition and Integration with Data-intensive Web Applications    
    Marco Brambilla, Stefano Ceri, Sara Comai, Piero Fraternali, and Ioana Manolescu 53
The Role of Web Services in Information Search   Jens Graupmann and Gerhard Weikum 60
Profiling and Service Delivery in Internet-enabled Cars   Mariano Cilia and Alejandro Buchmann 66

Announcements and Notices

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