Bulletin of the Technical Committee on


March 1998 Vol. 21 No. 1   IEEE Computer Society


Letter from the new TC Chair   Betty Salzberg 1
Letter from the Editor-in-Chief   David Lomet 2

Special Issue on Mining of Large Datasets

Letter from the Special Issue Editor   Daniel Barbara 3
Data Mining and Database Systems: Where is the Intersection   Surajit Chaudhuri 4
Clustering Data Without Distance Functions   G.D. Ramkumar and Arun Swami 9
Hypergraph Based Clustering in High-Diminsional Data Sets: A Summary of Results    
    Eui-Hong Han, George Karypis, Vipin Kumar, and Bamshar Mobasher 15
Mining Large Itemsets for Association Rules   Charu C. Aggarwal and Philip S. Yu 23
Mining Temporal Relationships with Multiple Granularities in Time Sequences    
    Claudio Bettini, X. Sean Wang, and Sushil Jajodia 32
Mining Databases: Towards Algorithms for Knowledge Discovery   Usama Fayyad 39

Announcements and Notices

Work Activities Coordination and Collaboration WACC'99   backcover